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The Nedlaw Group of Companies Building

5179 Fountain Street North, Breslau ON N0B 1M0


The completed building contains a two-storey office, with the remaining one storey being used for warehouse and a suite for a separate tenant.  The open office portion showcases Nedlaw’s branding colours, various wall materials providing textural interest, large interior glazing and a bright 2nd floor clearstorey which brings light to the ground floor through interconnected floor openings.  Multiple Nedlaw living walls complete the reception area and boardrooms, providing a constant source of clean filtered air.  The exterior is clad in a mix of dark coloured aluminum composite panels and light-coloured insulated metal panels, creating a well insulated façade.  The use of full height curtainwall brings light into the building, connecting the occupants to the outside.  “NEDLAW” signage complements the façade on two elevations.